GABC_Graphic1German American Business Council of Boston.


German American Chamber of Commerce1 Legal & Tax Newsletter of the German American Chamber of Commerce


Prof. Dr. Ulrich NoackProf. Ulrich Noack’s blog, Unternehmensrechtliche Notizen, covers contemporary topics in German corporate and commercial law and legislation that has an impact on it at the Federal and European Union level. Professor Noack teaches business organizations and commercial law at the Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf.  He also regularly contributes to the Handelsblatt blog, Rechtsboard, on topics of German corporate law.


Peter_BertPeter Bert’s blog, Dispute Resolution in Germany offers interesting and synoptic summaries of topics about German and American transnational litigation.


NELF The New England Legal Foundation is a non-profit headed by Martin J. Newhouse, which takes sensible positions on issues concerning corporate law in New England with larger, national implications.

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